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infinity in kpop: MBLAQ & RAIN



For those who don’t know - Rain signed a contract with Cube DC meaning (to me) that all his connections to MBLAQ and J. Tune Camp are broken. He was the founder of J. Tune Camp and now he completely abandoned it… It’s true that he sold J. Tune Camp to JYP before enlistment, but this doesn’t mean…

This news about Rain and Cube was everywhere maybe last summer… I don’t remember when… whatever. And there were EXACTLY the same comments about Rain betraying MBLAQ… It’s like deja-vu, the same shit all over again. Boys sail their own boat now. Rain’s got his own career and he must think about himself after such a long time away from showbiz. He’s been in MS for two years! and this is not his fault that he had to finish his work as a producer. Maybe it’s only temporary.

When MBLAQ debuted they got criticized because people said they only managed to debut due to their connections (Rain, Mir’s relative). So MBLAQ had to get rid of that stupid people judged them on. So now I don’t understand why everybody saying Rain abandoned them.

Are you guys unknowingly insinuating that without Rain, MBLAQ can’t succeed? I don’t know MBLAQ that well but I think fans should put more trust in their potential. They don’t need Rain to succeed and in any case he’s not betraying them.

Stop judging him without knowing his current circumstances. Rain’s already done for them the best he could.

I agree

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